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About Us

We Build for People

Masonry Nevada

We Aim to Build Better

A-1 Masonry prides itself on continuing the family tradition of completing award winning projects with excellent craftsmanship, on time and on budget. 


A-1 has been in business for over 20 years and our supervising employees have over 150 years of experience. We've handled everything from trash enclosures to projects with multiple buildings and have completed a high school in 46 days. This vast experience allows us to look at your job and find the best way to build safely and quickly. 

A-1 also embraces new technology and is the only masonry contractor in Nevada to utilize robotics to install masonry.

We are the forefront.


Tech has it's place, and there is no substitute for hands on craftsmanship and direct communication.  



We Say It; We Do It.


It's that simple. 

A-1 Masonry's clients know if you want it done, done right and on time; you call us. 

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